The LifeSaver-Shark Way(?): Give your teenage driver a tool, and a lesson of lifetime

Parents, you need to know this

Distracted driving is a hard and real issue around the world, especially among teenagers. Texting behind wheel is now the new drunk driving. The collision statistics from cellphone distraction is alarmingly high. The situation is calling for our immediate actions.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why teenage drivers are distracted by smartphones

  1. Most cars don’t have a placeholder for phones. It’s difficult for drivers to build proper habit to put away the phone in the first place.
  2. The sight or sound of an incoming call or notification triggers FOMO (fear of missing out) in most drivers, causing them to prioritize cyber activities over driving.
  3. Multitasking is socially acceptable, and 24/7 connectivity further enables this habit anywhere, even behind the driver’s seat.
  4. The drivers are interrupted by a caller or a sender who is near-and-dear to them, causing them to feel needed to answer back.
  5. At some point of their lives, they have seen friends or family members text and drive and thus believe it was okay to do so.

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The LifeSaver-Shark way(?) – Buy your teenage driver a tool, and a lesson of lifetime 

InCarBite SHARK and LifeSaver app have teamed up to offer you the most effective solution to protect your teenage drivers from being distracted by their cellphones. Our goal is a simple one: to make a difference one driver at a time. Having the right motivation is the key to get started.

  • What it means for the teenager:
    • Removes distractions while driving. Helps them stay focused on the road. Helps them be a better driver.
    • Save their lives and their passengers lives.
    • Saves money on car insurance in a long run (odds are, accident rate decreases by 23 times).
    • Keeps their device always charged and ready-to-go, intuitively and in a hassle-free manner.
  • What is means for the parents:
    • Parental Portal – Driver telematics accessible anywhere the parents go.
    • Arrival Notification – Hassle-free way of communication from their kids gives peace-of-mind to parents.
    • In Driver Status – Prevents parents from interrupting their kids while they are driving.
    • Talking Point: Provide talking points for the parent-children conversation

Here’s how it works

  1. Register on LifeSaver portal. Download the app. Send SMS to all your teenage drivers.
  2. Install SHARK wireless charger in your drivers’ vehicles.
  3. Demonstrate to them how to use it. Show them the benefits of using it.

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For more information, visit SHARK or visit LifeSaver app.


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